What people say about aura healer

"I made a shamanic journey with Emilie. An experience lived with great gentleness and respect. I felt Emilie present at every moment, before, during and after the trance. Her ability to guide with kindness and professionalism has allowed me to experience this moment with serenity and confidence while consciously and deliberately shifting into surrender energy. Thanks Emilie."
Marion Prot

"I let myself be guided by the excellent recommendations of Emilie Lecureur. I feel free from harmful people. I now spend my free time doing my favorite activities and it's good for my growth. A thousand thanks Emilie."
Fabienne Borgard

"The distant healing sessions helped me. Emilie is a benevolent person who is commited into the sessions and gifted by her healing capabilities. Thank you for having accompanying me"
Anne Lfgi.

"I thank Emilie for her personalized prayers for my children. Everyone going through hardships at their level, the content was accurate and echoed. The transition was smooth. Deep gratitude. The karmic healing care received in order to release my full potential is discreet, it is that I (re) found my way ... and am embarking on a new training. Top !"
Florence - Zürich

"I would like to thank Emilie for introducing me to energy care and for taking the time to explain to me how it works. I quickly gained confidence in her and her method. I liked this new experience and this exercise which helped me release what I wanted. Thank you!"
Laura Divine

"I booked a distant healing session with Emilie this summer, regarding a long term problem that had been bothering me since teenage life. The healing sessions were planned in four times, and each time, I could sense a shift with this problem, gradually coming to acceptance and healing. At the end of it, she shared with me her insights and visions on her treatments. I must say I was quite astonished by the events and root causes she had detected, as it immediately felt like something had clicked and made sense. Her professionalism, respect for the person receiving the treatment and her highly developed intuition and energy skills, made the treatment very safe, and very effective. I am very grateful for her help in my personal healing path."
Sophie Chappuis

"Emilie is a lovely and a loving person. A big heart with a clever mind and very professional services. So precious! Thanks again for helping me healing myself :)"
Gaëlle Rochat

"Dear Emilie, I am very happy to have known you and to have been looked after by you with as much competence as kindness and attention. I no longer have any pain in my injured ankle and only remains a slight handicap in the knee flexion. I now move around without any problem and can walk several kilometers with my dog every day. For the 85 year old man that I am, mobility is essential. You gave it back to me, thank you."
Jean-Claude Daviet